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I went to the Royal Childhood exhibition at Buckingham Palace yesterday. The ticket was expensive as it was part of the Staterooms tour. I decided to go with it and it’s worth every penny. The highlight was seeing the footage of the Queen’s childhood. I’m sure you’ve ever seen some of it before. I did not expect it so imagine me trying NOT to squee in public!
Some excerpts;
- The two sisters dancing
- Pillow fighting! Queen Elizabeth tries to stop, fails then puts her hands up adorably in despair. 
- More dancing by the two princesses
- Queen Elizabeth being adorable as always
- Bertie in a swimsuit by the pool with the girls … they were absolutely adorable.
You can fine more information about the exhibition here
"Don’t get frightened sleeping all alone darling, in that enormous bed."

King George VI to his wife Queen Elizabeth QM
29 September 1924
(both were still the Duke & Duchess of York) 

An extract from a letter written by him when they had a spend the weekend apart from each other. He went to Balmoral for stalking while she remained at Glamis. They were both looking forward to be reunited that coming Monday.

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The Real Kings Speech

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Victoria Falls, Africa, 1947
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King George VI of the U.K. with his wife Queen Elizabeth; Canada, 1939.
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Prince Albert of the U.K. (future King George VI;) 1900.

"The Queen poked her little finger into the salad dressing, grimaced, and said: ‘Oh, too oily.’

After adding more vinegar, she walked over to her ­husband and announced: ‘Well, the salad is finished.’ Philip, gazing at his undercooked meat, responded brusquely: ‘Well done. This, as you will observe, is not.’

Philip’s use of the F-word in relation to the Queen’s corgis was edited out, but not his comments on his father-in-law, King George VI, now highly pertinent in the light of the acclaim being accorded to the film, The King’s Speech. ‘He had very odd habits,’ said Philip. ‘Sometimes I thought he was mad.’

He described George VI, wearing on his head the full bearskin he used on parade at Trooping the Colour, hacking away savagely with a pruning knife in the royal gardens, and uttering, from the depth of a rhododendron bush the most incredible explosion of obscene language.

The Queen, who was supposed never to carry money, was in the film seen buying sweets in a shop for her four-year-old son Edward, which may have been an attempt to mollify him for his brother Charles snapping the A-string of a cello against his cheek, causing Edward to turn on him in fury, demanding: ‘What did you do that for?’”


- if you were wondering about the “Royal Family” TV documentary that still hasn’t been released for public consumption, I think this is about all you’ll need to know

also of course chuck is a freakin orch dork

OMFG Philip.  Grumpy old sailor.

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David & Bertie
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The king´s smile: George VI with Queen Mum and Pss Margaret Rose , laughin. 1948

Bertie and his perfect smile! :)

Ooh I really love these :)